5 Car Cleaning Hacks You Must-Know

Car Cleaning Hacks You Must-Know

Owning a car is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of time and energy, just to keep that piece of machinery running. Maintaining an automobile in the many different facets of its overall well-being is a different story. When it comes to the basics of car cleaning, there are many things that come into play in just the basic routinely rounds when your ride is just idly parked within the confines of your garage.

Don’t wait for your car to completely deteriorate that you have to take it in to a car service. Even if you have the capacity to take your car to the carwash regularly, there are many pesky little thigs that you can prevent on your own.

There are some interesting and neat little hacks you can try at home to alleviate and remedy those pesky little common nuisances that typically plague car owners.

When it comes to a car’s exterior, paint and coating are everything. That shimmering and glossy radiance is not something that’s just for show, there’s a reason that’s an accommodating feature: it’s there to protect the very material of your car’s outside frame.

The number 1 cause for exterior fading is negligence with regards to ‘air drying’. Air drying is never good for your car, if there’s any trace of moisture on your vehicle, always and immediately wipe the moisture off using a proper Kanebo cloth for cars. Using just any cloth would leave scratches on the surface.

  • Apply toothpaste to clean headlights. This nifty little technique is a practical method that ensures that stubborn dirt blocking your lights miraculously goes off.

    • It’s a common thing to have stickers on your car for design, but generally speaking, if you want to completely preserve your car’s exterior elements it would be best to not put any. If you do have stickers and want to flawlessly take them out, try to use a blow dryer to take out stickers with complete ease. In matters concerning your car’s interior state, it’s almost identical to the way you would approach cleaning the living room inside of your house.

    • In order to get completely rid of permeating odors, don’t spend any of your hard earned money on faulty sprays, simply spread out baking soda –this always does the trick.

    • Use Q-tips when trying to deal with those extremely difficult to reach spots. All the stubborn grimes that sneak their way into the most unseen crevices of the deepest regions of your car are no match for the miniscule powers of a sturdy Q-tip.

    • Try using foam brush for cleaning the air vents and completely get rid of dust particles that would eventually just add up and accumulate into destructive germs.

Key Takeaway

Besides these basics, there are COUNTLESS more little tips and tricks to aid you not just in cleaning your car but also in understanding the literal ins and outs of your car as well. Car services have their pace in maintaining your car, but remember that there’s still quite a lot of everyday cleanliness matters that you yourself have to attend to.


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