Amazon Distributes 100 ICU Ventilators to India to Support Fight COVID-19


Following the likes of Apple and Google in distributing supplies to support India fight the growing COVID-19 cases, Amazon has now provided 100 ICU ventilators to India. As per current reports, will support India tackle the rapid rise of Coronavirus cases in the country. The units are to reach India in the following two weeks.

Now, for the unaware, India has been experiencing one of the worst loops of COVID-19 in current days. Covid cases have reached millions and are growing day by day. As a result of the rising Covid cases, the country now faces intense shortages of medical equipment and resources such as oxygen, ICU beds, and much more. If you or someone you know needs help, then we have compiled an extensive COVID-19 resource guide for you.

Calling these concerns, we recently saw Google step up and donate a huge Rs 135 crores funding to support the fight against COVID-19. Moreover, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared to donate funds and supplies to the country during these critical times.

Now, Amazon has moved in to help India by donating 100 ventilator units via its global resources. The Seattle-based company has carried out agreement checks of 100 units of the Medtronic PB980 model and is working with Medtronic (MT) to airlift them to ship into India.

Amazon India is also working with the Indian government and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to determine which hospitals around the country require the most ventilator units. Following the finalization, the e-commerce giant will work with Medtronic to deliver and install the ventilator units in those hospitals. Moreover, the company will also train the personnel who will perform the ventilator in these hospitals.

Also, to further control the spread of Coronavirus, we recommend all Indians, i.e. those above the age of 18, register for COVID-19 vaccination. The registration is open and doses will be given starting 1st May.


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