Benefits of Trademark and Its Consultancy Services


It has become easier for customers to easily identify or distinguish a particular product or service of a specific individual business organization or legal entity because of the distinct and recognizable words, numbers, symbols, design, expression, colors, figures, and logos that are created on the package or on the product itself. Thus, over a period, this trademark registration is no more a time-consuming task. In many countries including the trademark registration in Turkey have now started to offer such registration processes online.

Registered  symbol
Registered symbol

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It is often suggested that just having a trademark is not enough. Many more benefits come along once the trademark is registered. The number of benefits associated with the trademark is as follows:

  • Legal Exclusivity:

Once you register your trademark, your company is the sole holder of the right to use the trademark. This registration restricts and prevents others from using your company’s trademark. This legal exclusivity does come up with many benefits for the owner.

  • Nationwide Protection:

Those other protection rights that provide protection only in specific areas expand now because of the trademark. The protection that the trademark provides the owner is nationwide. One can also enjoy coverage in overseas market through the trademark by following certain further procedures.

  • Complete rights:

The trademark offers complete and total rights to the owner who is either an individual, business organization or legal entity. Thus, one enjoys transaction security because of the trademark.

  • Flexibility:

The registration of the trademark ensures flexibility, as the registered trademark can be assigned, transferred, licensed, pledged or passed over as a guarantee.

  • Legal Action:

In case any other party uses or copies the registered trademark of a particular individual, business organization or the legal entity, then in such case the sole owner of the registered trademark has complete rights to take legal actions against the third party.

  • Brand Recognition:

In a way, the trademark also helps in the creation of value and brand identification among its customers. It can be easily distinguished and recognized by the customers in the market.

Trade mark symbol
Trademark symbol

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The various services offered by Patent Trademark Registration and Consultancy Services are as follows:

  • Before applying for the trademark, the service providers do preliminary search domestically and internationally.
  • They prepare and document your trademark application.
  • They also do your name, address, title or design registration.
  • They also carry out the trademark registration>
  • They prepare the transfer agreement and do all the required registration with the Registration.
  • All the follow up of the process is done by the service provider.
  • The license agreement is also prepared for the service receiver.
  • The service receiver is also provided with the benefits of regular registered trademark monitoring.
  • Also, if the service receiver is interested in gaining overseas protection as well, then in such a case they also provide with the Overseas Trademark Registrations Applications.
  • The service provider also guarantees timely and regular trademark law consultancy.

Now you have the complete knowledge about trademark registration service providers like trademark registration in Turkey. So, go and protect your company from being robbed of its identity.

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