How you can do better in the fitness industry?


Over the past few decades time, the fitness industry has become pretty competitive. The prime reason behind the rising competition in the market is the growing awareness of healthy living among people of all age groups as well as the increasing number of gyms, personal trainers, and health bloggers. With all these things around, it has become quite obvious for the aspiring PTs to make themselves well prepared for the changing trends in the industry. One can’t survive in this cut-throat competition till you have equipped yourself well with desired expertise. Differentiating yourself has become the need of the hour provided you wish to be successful.

So the questions are what one should do to make a real difference and do better as a PT? For those who are just wondering whether to follow their passion and take up personal trainer as a profession, it could be quite daunting. How you will be able to compete with people who have already made their name in the industry?

We have all the answers to these questions. You don’t have to feel intimidated at all. To stand out in the crowd, you need to do certain things that give you a competitive edge over others.


Here are some of the points that you need to bear in the mind:

Distinguish yourself with the certifications you hold:

Well, you read that right. You have to do as many certification courses as possible to improve your existing expertise and knowledge. There are so many institutions claiming to offer highly accredited fitness certification in India. However, the important point is that you have to decide which expertise of yours you would like to improve on more or you want to learn an additional skill. For this, you need to sit down and look for the latest trends. For instance, these days many people with special conditions like diabetes, thyroid, and special kind of injury that impacts the overall functioning of the body are finding it a bit hard to find out the right person to train them.

The improvement of the interpersonal skills:

Another aspect that the aspiring or new personal trainer out there doesn’t pay attention to is the improvement of interpersonal skills. You need to understand the fact that without improving your communication skills you would not be able to win customers. You have to work on this most overlooked skill. Here comes the role of the fitness certification in India as these courses are curated in a manner to make you industry ready. These courses include everything right from general physical preparedness to the personality development and interview skills.


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