Dealing with Headaches

Dealing with Headaches

Headaches are a brutal nuisance of everyday life.

Whether you’re a construction worker or working a 9 to 5 desk job, nobody is exempt or completely immune to the perils of the dreaded headache.

Regardless of age, if you are experiencing an incredibly intense headache, its best to consult with a licensed physician, and purchase proper medication at one location in the huge List of drugstores in the Philippines.

Here’s a basic run through on the general steps to take when dealing with a headaches:

  1. Identify the type or nature of the headache.

First things first, when you find yourself suffering from the painful waves in your head, the initial step is always to find the root cause of what set the headache. There’s a variety of common causes that lead one to experiencing headaches.

The Migraine Headache is the most common type of headache; typically caused by mundane things like blinding lights, irregular sleep, noise, an most especially, stress. Menstrual Migraine for women are caused by rapid changes in estrogen levels.

Here’s a list of the common types of headache to help you identify: Cluster Headache, Tension Headache, Sinus Headache, Caffeine Headache, Rebound Headache, Sexual Headache, Dental Headache, Ice Cream Headache, Dehydration Headache.

  1. Take proper medication and techniques in pain relief.

There are many Over the counter pain relievers that your trained and licensed pharmacist would be very well knowledgeable with. For extreme or specific cases, common prescribed pain relievers like Tramadol, Butorphanol, Butalbital are usually assigned by doctors.

Anti-depressants can also be an option, but these carry with them, the potentials of dangerous side-effects that you need to be mindful of prior. If you’re on pain medication for whatever reason and find yourself flooded with headaches, try decreasing your intake of these pain medications.

If you’re dealing with a headache you can immediately try relaxation exercises such as the monitoring of your breathing.

Nasal irrigation can help sinus based headaches.

The simplest and often times most effective thing you can do to alleviate pain is close your eyes, relax, and maybe get your neck massaged.

  1. Practice preventative measures.

The most basic thing you can do prevent the occurrence of headaches is to as much as possible minimize your stress levels. Work on getting a better handle on your emotional stress

You can also manage physical stress by simply doing regular exercise. A crucial note is to always keep hydrated by drinking adequate daily amounts of water.

Always make sure your diet and nutrition are on point. Everything just mentioned are the key ingredients to living a healthy lifestyle; free of the pains that a headache can bring.

Finally, make sure to always abide and follow through with your set daily routines, this also helps you identify the factors that typically trigger your tendency to have headaches.

Key Takeaway

For most cases, you don’t need to skim through the great List of drugstores in the Philippines in order to alleviate the perpetually nagging pains of headache. There are many ways to deal with and prevent the sudden attacks of a headache. Just remember that if your headache continues to drastically increase and won’t seem to go away, then its best to consult with your doctor and receive proper treatment.


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