The future of Big Data is all about Digital Storytelling


Even though many businesses are already using Big Data to maximize their profits. There is a need of the moment to keep an eye on what is coming next. The Data Storytelling is some which will be in high demand in the next few years.

Since many of the self-proclaimed gurus have labeled the year 2017 as the year od Big Data, they haven’t realized the full potential of Big Data yet. The processes, the capture, the storage everything which is related to Big Data is about to change because Data Storytelling created a whole lot of new opportunities.

Often replaced with predictive analytics, Big Data is all about improving decision making, identifying the latest trends, and using the insights to deliver a business edge.

At present, there is a huge gap between the implementation of Big Data and Data storytelling.

Therefore, it is important to spend some resources and time in Data Storytelling now which can make the future easy for the brands that are willing to stay on top of the mountain.

With Data Storytelling there is a huge opportunity for the brands to lay down their context and drive amazing result with it.

If you’re still confused on what to do about Data Storytelling, this is your time. Here are 5 tips that can help you to create the necessary data environment for your business to sustain and grow.

  • Start with the lead role

The first step in diving in the Data storytelling field is to pick a lead role which will represent your story. Who will lead from the front and what are the facts that will inspire people to do business with your brand?

If there is someone who can craft the story on how your business is willing to help people, ensure that they are using core data to create fairytale which people can engage with. Without a story, there is no engagement and without engagement, people will not bother to worry about your business.

  • Integrate the Storyteller

If the Data Storyteller is not included in the business how will it be able to create a magic? Ask them to immerse themselves in the process of product creation. This will help data storytellers to collect the data and list down the facts which will help to gain the trust of the customers.

You need to invite all the teams and ask them to corporate with the data storyteller. Let all the departments share how things work in the organization and the data storyteller will create a story out of it.

  • Use tools to fast-phase the process

With digital tools, it is now easy to make presentations on the go. The use of video, animation, and multimedia will make the story more enticing for the users.

The picture might speak a thousand words, but it is a story which makes the user coming back for more. With data storytelling, it is easy to engage people with their favorite tools. The digital tools will help the data storytellers to engage the users.

  • Make Data Storytelling part of your business

It doesn’t matter if you own a digital marketing agency in Australia or an AI service industry, you must include data storytelling in your business process.

Don’t wait for others to take the initiative. Data, Storytelling is the future, the early you adopt the technology, easier it will be to outdistance your competitors.

  • Learn one teach one

It is not okay to learn the skill and not expand it. You must teach people how the data analytics work and educate the co-workers around you on the various techniques of data storytelling. What will happen if you shift your business culture deliberately? It will add great value to your business because constant learning and educating will make your co-workers more competent for the coming age of data storytelling.

To close it off

To close it all, the people labeled with “data storyteller” will be in the front and the trend is already shaping the future. But the reason that people are not yet realizing the trend is that people are not yet driven by data, at least not yet.

You can either take the leap and train yourself and your team in digital storytelling, or you can sit back and wait for the disaster to happen. You always have a choice to make a difference.

In the end it is all about engaging the customers and telling them a story which they can relate use it to solve their problems. Yes. It is okay to follow the crowd, but if the things are not working for you, it will be on you.

To outcast your competitors, you must use digital storytelling to get your brand out there without stressing your brand.


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