LoL ESports Samsung Telecom Slayed SK Telecom 1


League of Legends is one of the most famous games in the online gaming community, especially in Southeast Asia and North America. When it comes to the former region, however, the hype that this game emits can’t get any more exciting, especially with the news that South Korea-based eSports team, Samsung Galaxy, slew the eSports giants the SK Telecom 1 in one of the most intense moments in all of eSports community history!

LoL championships can definitely get a lot intense as numerous teams are all vying for the ultimate prize, and pretty much the glory to be gained from playing a game like LoL in any eSports event. With news like this, it’s only fair to shed a bit of light on it!

Who are the Samsung Galaxy?

For those of you who don’t know who the new eSports giants are, the Samsung Galaxy Telecom team are an eSports team based in South Korea. They consist of 6 gamers, namely team captain Kang Chan-yong, Kang Min-seung, Lee Min-ho, Lee Seong-jin, Park Jae-hyuk, and Jo Yong-in, whose positions are respectively the jungles, the mid, the top, the AD, and the support. Together, it’s clear that all 6 of them make one heck of a match…and a definite force to be reckoned with in any eSports event they compete in!

The fact was proven in the morning of November 6, 2017, when, in a surprising twist of events, the Samsung Galaxy Telecom team absolutely dominated the field and slew the now former eSports events giants, the SK Telecom 1 by 3-0!!!!

The Match

The match itself began like any other match: players assembled, champions for the game were chosen as their personal avatars, and the game started. Since Samsung’s opponents were none other than the SK Telecom 1, everyone in the field was expecting for the latter to dominate and school them in LoL goodness, which they actually did in the first 2 games. In fact, when it came to Samsung, their kill count was actually considerably low and at that point, things were looking a bit bleak for these six South Korean gaming hopefuls.

However, come the 3rd and 4th games, things took an unexpected, yet exciting twist…

After suffering from the wrath of SK Telecom, the Samsung team quickly took hold of an opportunity that quickly ensured their victory in the field, which was SK’s slight miscommunication problem. After failing to aid of their teammates in SK, Samsung was able to slip through the door of chance and swiftly turn the tables on them. In the end, Samsung was able to escape the battle unscathed and thus, be named as LoL’s new eSports event giant!

Key Takeaway

Now that 2018 is just right around the corner, only time will tell if Samsung will be able to keep up their newfound dynamic and victory in LoL; as for SK, time will also tell if they will be able to regain their crown and restart their gaming dynasty. Either way, it will definitely be a sight to behold!


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