How To Manage Messages on iPad and iPhone using Two-Finger Tap Gesture


If you are using iOS 13, you already know about the three-finger gestures by which you can easily copy, cut, paste, and undo/redo text. But I believe that you don’t know about the Two- Finger gestures. I will tell you in a summary of how to edit messages on iPhone and iPad with two-finger tap gestures. You can manage the messages on the iPad and iPhone using the Two-Finger tap gesture. Let us explain:-

Use Two-Finger Tap Gestures in Messages application in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13:-

Two-Finger Tap to Manage Conversation Threads:-

1. On your iPad or iPhone, you have to open the Messages App.

2. Now, using the two-finger tap gesture to choose it, tap on any conversation thread.

    • To check all the selected conversation threads as read: Click on the Read button on the bottom left-corner.
    • To delete all the selected conversation threads: Click on the Delete button at the bottom right-corner of the screen

Edit Messages with Two-Finger Tap Gesture:-

1. On your iOS or iPadOS, you have to open the Messages app and go to a specific conversation.

2. Select on any message with two-finger to choose it. Use the two-finger swipe down/up gesture to determine more messages.

  • Delete an individual message: Tap on the Delete button, at the bottom left- corner
  • Delete all the selected messages: click on the Delete All button at the top left-corner of the screen.
  • Forward all the selected messages: First, tap on the forward button and then choose the contacts with which you wish to share the messages. 


These are the beautiful gestures experience to use two-finger tap gestures in the Messages app in iOSOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Enjoy this marvelous and fantastic gestures and express your views about these gestures in the comment section.


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