Simple Guide on Learning Basic Electronic Repair


Everyone has experienced one of their gadgets malfunctioning, or short-circuiting. And everyone probably hates it. In today’s world, your electronics are everything. You can do almost anything on your phones and laptops that they’re almost considered an all-in-one gadget. But of course, every gadget is prone to get damaged. Many people have taken ways to learn electronic repair. In the Philippines, many father’s and uncles pride themselves in fixing most of their home gadgets—and in most cases, they don’t even know how to fix one unless they absolutely need to!

If you’re ever in a situation where you need one of your electronics fixed and its warranty is no longer valid, then maybe this simple guide can help you learn the essentials when it comes to basic electronic repairs.

Avoid Touching the Capacitor

When fixing many electronics, you’ll have to disassemble them and practically make your way to the circuits. Before you do any of those you should make sure that no power is running on them by turning off the gadget. You could unplug it, or remove the battery—and you should also mind the capacitor. The capacitor is capable of storing power which might be enough to give you a tiny shock.

Prepare your Work desk

When working on repairing any kind of electronic gadget, be sure that you have ample space for you to work on. Be sure that it is fully lit and unobstructed by any sort of distractions. This is helpful particularly for those gadgets with tiny parts such as screws and microchips.

Another thing that is related to this is that you would want to document everything that you do while fixing your gadget. When worse comes to worse and you forget how things are connected, this will help you get back on track.

Take Time to Learn About Circuits

Basic electronic repairs usually deal with circuits—its parts, how everything flows and how you can redirect it. Thus the best tip that any electrician can give you when it comes to basic electronic repair is to study the parts of a circuit. When you are knowledgeable about circuits, most repairs will definitely become easy for you to understand, for as long as they only deal with circuitry.

Strictly Follow Guidelines and Procedures

Most of the time, your gadgets will have a manual that has a list of instructions when something wrong happens. You should try searching these manuals for solutions first before asking around the internet when you are trying to fix your electronic gadget. When you have no choice but to look on the internet for how-to guides on how to fix a particular electronic gadget, follow every step carefully and thoroughly—particularly when you don’t have that much experience when dealing with electronic repairs.

Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, electronic repairs are as common as insects outside a sunny day. There should always be someone in the household that has an idea on how to do these repairs. With the world becoming more and more dependent on electronic equipment, learning how to fix them is one of the most essential skills that people could have.


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