Useful Tips and Tricks to select the perfect Air Conditioner for your Room

Perfect Air Conditioner for your Room

With the rapid advancement in technology, the awareness amongst the people regarding their healthy lifestyle, their need to get facilitated with all they could do, the use of the machines are becoming more common. People are now aware of how they could best get from the technology. This is the reason we see that the air conditioners that were once supposed to be something to be found only in the luxurious houses are now seen in almost every middle-class house. Due to the technology getting easier and cheaper, it is now feasible for the people to afford air conditioners and to survive better. Not only in the metros but also in the smaller cities, we see a fondness in people towards buying the air conditioners for a better living.

Since more and more people are rushing to buy the air conditioners, it is customary to know how and what kind of the air condition is the best according to your room and your climate. Some things should be considered while deciding to purchase an air conditioner.

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Let us have a look at the tips for purchasing a perfect air conditioner

  • The first thing to consider when buying an air conditioner is to know the capacity according to the floor size of the room where it has to be placed. According to a rough estimation an area in a range of 120 *140 Sq. Ft. area will need 1 ton capacity of the air conditioner, 150 *180 Sq. Ft. area will need 1.5 ton and 180 *240 Sq. Ft. area will need 2-ton capacity. If the size and area is not considered properly, the air conditioner will not work efficiently.
  • With the increasing rates of the electricity, it is customary to purchase that unit of the air conditioner that provides energy efficiency and helps you save on electricity bills. So when you are out to pick your group, make it your priority to purchase the one that offers maximum energy efficiency. Initially, these energy efficient models are costly, but they give you savings on bills for years to come.
  • Next decision to make is to opt from the window or split air conditioner. Although the window ACs are lower in rates, the split air conditioners are easier to install, less noisy and provide better air distribution.
  • Next thing you need to take into consideration is the multi-purpose feature of the AC. Make sure to buy the unit that provides both heating and cooling if your area gets extreme cold temperatures as well.


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