Best Presentation Apps for iOS and Android Phones


The presentation is so prevalent in offices and colleges. When you go to a conference, a new project, a new procedure, etc. In your smartphone, there is built-in presentation software, but it’s not easy to use, and it takes time to make any presentation. We will show you the best presentation apps for iOS and Android phones.


Here are some best presentation apps for iOS and Android phones:

  1. SLIDE:- If you are searching a minimum open-source powerpoint app for Android, then Slide is the best app for you. This software uses the traditional Takahashi way to display text in the visual method. This is a Japanese technique which shows the simple slides.


2. MICROSOFT POWERPOINT:– Microsoft Powerpoint is the world-famous app for iOS and Android. This app is synchronized with office 365 and also resolve multiple issues. This app is easy to use and also comes with different templates. This is the best app to use, but its desktop version is more reliable and easy to use.

3. KEYNOTE: Apple launches – Keynote app. This app is only available for iOS and macOS platforms. Apple also launches Keynote app for desktop named Keynote for iCloud. In this app, you will see a lot of animations and graphics that you can use in your presentation slides. You can select different themes, templates, fonts, colors, and backgrounds. This app is not suitable for windows and Android.


4. GOOGLE SLIDES:- Google has launched its software called Google slides. This app is completely free, and there are no ads present. Most people use Gmail and Drive, and when they use this slide app, then it makes sense. In this app, you will see all the features which a presentation app needs. In this app, you will see a presentation mode with speaker notes. You can easily see a presentation view in this app. This app is only synced with Google drive. This application is suitable for both Android and iOS.


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