Try These Best Clipboard Manager Apps for iOS.


Today, we will share with you some best clipboard manager apps for iOS. The apps which we will show you will functional on both iPads and iPhones. 

Here are the best clipboard manager apps for iOS which you should try:-

  1. APPLE CLIPBOARD MANAGER:– As in Apple universal keyboard runs in between Macbook and iPhones. It means when you copy any text or link from your iPhone, and you can paste that text or link directly to the Macbook. The disadvantage of this clipboard is only that you can copy only a piece of text at a time; you can’t copy more than a piece of text.


2. QUICKCLIP:- If you are searching for no-frills clipboard manager for your iOS, then QuickClip is the best for you. The price of this clipboard manager is a dollar, but you can save your clippings, and it’s simple and easy to use. There is no free version accessible; you have to take membership if you want to use it. The cost of this clipboard manager is $0.99 and no ads available. 

Download QuickClip from here

3. COPIED:-Copied clipboard manager is easy to use and well-designed app. From this clipboard manager, you can copy text as well as you can create clippings also. You can type your name and other things at once; you don’t need to type again and again. Copied has also developed for macOS called copied+. 

Download QuickClip from here

4. CLIP+:- Clip+ app has very amazing features. From this app, if you copy any contact, then the app will automatically detect that contact and permitting you to call that number directly from within the app. You can also copy a web URL. Copy the URL which you want to copy and click on it to open into a web browser. In this app, you can also see GIFs and images. This app also supports Apple’s watch. The cost of this clipboard manager is $2.99.



Download QuickClip from here


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